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Scouting Report, Video Highlights and Predictions for 5-Star WR Robert Foster

Currently uncommitted 5-star wide receiver Robert Foster has what it takes to be an elite college wideout at 6'3'', 190 pounds, especially if he bulks up a bit. The question is, where will Foster commit?

The talented receiver currently has Alabama and Pittsburgh on top of his interest list, according to 247Sports, followed closely by Ohio State as a warm interest.

There may be questions as to where he'll end up, but there are no questions regarding how good Foster can be at the next level.

Here's my scouting report as well as a few predictions for the 5-star wide receiver.


Scouting Report

Right away, it's hard not to notice Foster's athleticism as a football player. He's quick and shifty, and he displays very good field vision.

This is a kid who can be much more than just a receiver at the next level. He almost reminds me of Percy Harvin back when he played for Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators. He's quick and talented enough to be utilized as a deep-threat wide receiver, but he can also be used in the running game and as a kick returner.

He's very effective when he gets the football in his hands with room to work.

In the picture below, he's being targeted on a bubble route with plenty of blocking in front of him. Notice how he's still parallel to the line of scrimmage, but his body is naturally starting to lean forward. His eyes are on the football, but he's preparing to run after the catch.

He gets the ball with plenty of forward momentum, picking up positive yardage, and his eyes are already upfield, looking for his blocks and running lanes.

In this next picture, you can see how he uses his blocks to set up a cutback lane and gain extra yards. He's able to use the blocker on the outside to slow down the defenders enough to outrun them, and he cuts back just slightly enough to let his blocker on the inside get an angle to run off the safety, which in the end gains him extra yards.

This is all off a simple bubble route that started in the backfield.

247sports has him down for running a 4.49 40-yard dash, so he's undoubtedly fast enough to outrun defenders, but he's big enough to play physically at 6'3''. He really is an all-purpose football player.



Like I said, 247sports has Alabama and Pittsburgh on top of his interest list, and it's tough to count the Crimson Tide out in that competition. Pittsburgh does have the home-state team advantage going for them, as Foster is from Monaca, Pennsylvania.

I wouldn't count out Meyer and the Buckeyes here, though. Foster would fit their system very well on offense as a big-play receiver, and he can be a major contributor on special teams.

Don't forget, Meyer coached Harvin at Florida, and there is a similarity in playing style between the two players. Meyer obviously found ways to make Harvin successful, and he could do the same for Foster.

Alabama and Pitt may be on top of his list, but Ohio State is also an interest, and in the end they may be the best fit.

I see the 5-star wideout ending up with the Buckeyes.

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