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Why Dez Bryant Simply Isn't Worth the Trouble for Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is more trouble than he's worth. 

Bryant broke out with his second-career 100-yard game against the Chicago Bears, but his three jaw-dropping drops cost the Cowboys any chance at winning the game on Monday Night Football (h/t 

His first key drop came midway through the third quarter. The Cowboys were down by a score of 24-7 at the time when they started driving down the field. It was third and six at the Chicago 22-yard line when Tony Romo hit him right on the hands on a slant pattern that would have secured a crucial first down in the red zone. 

Chicago Bears with the call:


Another play in particular sums up what Bryant is all about as far as the Cowboys are concerned—tons of potential, but always making crucial mistakes when it matters most.

It was early in the fourth quarter, with the Bears leading by a score of 27-10, when Bryant got wide open on the right sideline. Romo threw a perfect pass, leading Bryant for an easy catch and touchdown, as no Bears defender was anywhere close to him. Bryant dropped the easiest touchdown he'll ever see.


Awful Announcing summed it up nicely:


Bryant's drops aren't the only reason he's more trouble than he's worth, either.

It's no secret that his personal life is "complicated."

According to's Calvin Watkins, the team has already put safeguards in place to try and help him overcome his propensity to make terrible decisions. Safeguards that include "a rotating three-man security team [who] will leave one man with Bryant at all times."

He made an unconscionable mistake over the summer when he assaulted his mother, who according to said, "He tried to kill me."

This young man has all the talent in the world, and if he could ever get his head screwed on straight he could become as dangerous as Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson. 

Unfortunately, it's clear to this point in his career that Bryant is nowhere close to being fully engaged in life—let alone football for the Cowboys. 


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