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What Florida Must Do to Gain Edge over SEC for 5-Star DT Montravius Adams

5-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams is arguably one of the biggest uncommitted names in the class of 2014, so the Florida Gators need to do everything they can to get him to buy into their program.

Blake Alderman of is reporting that the 6'3'', 290-pound defensive lineman will be taking an unofficial visit to Florida this weekend. According to quotes via his report, Adams is excited to watch the team during the game:

"I haven't been there for a game, so I want to see how the coaches coach during the game and how the players react to that and see the atmosphere of the game down there. I also want to watch the defensive line and see if it's a place that feels like home with a Hall of Fame coach."

This is a big opportunity for Florida, as Adams has a ton of offers from some other major programs including SEC powers like Alabama, Georgia and Auburn. Any advantage in the recruiting process could be the key to landing the 5-star defensive tackle, so this is a moment Florida can't afford to take lightly.

What do the Gators have to do gain the edge over the rest of the SEC schools trying to recruit Adams?

The most effective recruiting tool would be a big-time win at home against the 5-0 LSU Tigers. That would show Adams that the Gators are back on track and can be considered a power in the SEC again, which in turn would make them a national power.

That's obviously easier said than done, but don't underestimate how powerful of a moment that would be for an elite prospect like Adams.

More than likely though, the Gators' greatest impact will come on the sidelines. You can tell a lot about a team and its coaching staff through their in-game reactions, a lot of which is not caught by television cameras.

Believe me, the sideline can be an emotional roller coaster, but it can also be a place of bonding, teaching and strategy. How do the coaches react to a player that misses an assignment? Do they coach him up and encourage him, or do they just pull him out? Do position coaches game-plan with their players after each series? What kind of in-game adjustments does the team make, and how do they execute?

An elite football prospect like Adams will notice all these things while watching the game, and as he stated, he will be watching.

The most important person on that sideline will undoubtedly be defensive tackle coach Bryant Young, who Adams appears to really respect, according to Alderman's report:

Talking with Coach Young is a big deal to the 6-foot-3, 290-pound tackle, because Adams is well aware of Coach Young's recent honor.

"He was a great player in the NFL," stated Adams. "He just had his name out there to be in the Hall of Fame and now is coaching."

If Young's defensive line crew can step up and have a big game by getting into the backfield and causing issues for LSU's offense, that could really go a long ways in getting Adams to want to commit to Florida.

Sometimes prospects have to be able to visualize what they could do with a team, and it helps to see how a coach would use them in a big-time game like this one.

In the end, Florida has to show Adams that an elite defensive tackle prospect like him can thrive in their system.

Everybody talks the talk in recruiting, but it's the programs that can back it up that get the major commitments.

There's no doubt that Adams would be a major commitment for the Gators.

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